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When a company comes to an end it’s required to dispense assets and settle debts with creditors. Liquidation auctions are a way of ensuring assets are wound up effectively by selling off assets to the highest bidder and raising funds for creditors. Auctioncog’s bidding process makes it easier for all assets to be bought and sold, creating an incentive for buyers who are seeking to get a good deal on the items.

These auctions can include many types of distressed assets, depending on the type of company that is being liquidated, as well as other assets, such as: furniture, technological equipment and property. Once the proceeds have been gathered, the funds are supplied to creditors.

liquidation auctions uk

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There are many benefits of buying through Auctioncog’s liquidation auctions. The potential to gain assets at a low price means that auctions can be a good opportunity for businesses, offering them easy access to new equipment and stock.

Bidders at our auction have a great deal of control over the process. The value of items is determined by the bidders, and everything included in the auction is negotiable. This makes the chance of getting a good deal on sales high. There is also the chance for bidders to inspect items before any auction, so you can check out the items you are interested in before and during bidding.

All in all, this means a healthy auction environment, with eager bidders and lots of assets up for sale.

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Auction Cog brings the business auction process into the modern age by facilitating bidding across device, and making the best possible use of the hyper-connected market.


It’s free to sign up and start bidding, and easy to get started too. This set-up is great for buyers and sellers alike, as it makes the process easier for everyone.


If you want to make the best use of the liquidation process, it makes sense to use a site like Auction Cog that is tailored specifically for asset auctions in the UK.


Auction Cog offers access to thousands of visitors who are on the lookout for great deals on specific assets. With a database of buyers waiting for assets to appear, and a good history of connecting with clients, it’s easier than ever to make sure there are plenty of bidders looking to make an offer.

A large and competitive auction environment is exactly what you want in order to get the best possible price for the assets in question. With an online auction that caters to a dedicated database of buyers, you know that you’ll find motivated people who have a clear interest in the items on offer, and who are willing to start making bids.

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Reach out to more people, present items in a professional way, no matter what they are, and maximise the potential of the auction to provide a healthy, competitive bidding environment.

It’s also easy to see why so many people are turning to online liquidation auctions to get great deals on a wide range of stock and assets.

liquidation auctions uk