How To Sell On Ebay for Beginners

As the number of online auction sites increases every other day, a few older sites continue to draw in larger auctions and numerous willing buyers. Ebay is one of the leading, if not the leading auction site on the internet today. If you are new to the online auction market it only makes sense that you opt to sell your items on ebay. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how you can start.
Set up an account

You need to have an account before you can list your items. Ebay does not charge for account registration so this should be an easy step.

how to sell on ebay

List your items

Listing basically lets your potential buyers know what you are selling including item specifications, brand name, sizes, and other relevant information that buyers will search for.

To list your items, you need a title that adequately defines the item to be sold. The title should only include words that buyers are most likely to use when searching for listed items.

listing items

Buyers tend to search for items by categories thus you will also need to select a category that best fits the item to be sold

Describe the item in detail

Beyond the title and category of the listed item for sale, you will need to provide further description on the condition of the item and use several high quality photos for buyers to review.

item description ebay

It is important to add as many details as possible especially where electronics and other machines are being sold.


Set the item price

The selling price of an item on ebay is dependent on different factors. First, you will need to do your research on how other ebay sellers with similar products have set their pricing. This ensures that you do not over-price or under-price your item.

Secondly, you will have to determine if the item will be sold via auction or fixed price format.

Auction sale

You can opt for an auction sale by setting a minimum price for an item. Interested buyers can bid on the listed item and at the end of the auction the sale is made to the highest bidder.

Alternatively, you can make the sale on a ‘buy-it-now’ price which is applicable before the auction period is completed.


Fixed price sale

The fixed price sale format differs from the auction sale in that interested buyers do not bid on an item. Instead, an immediate purchase can be made for the listed ‘buy-it-now’




You will be required to set shipping details for listed items. Ebay offers options to use key shipping companies including the US postal service and FedEX. Alternatively, you can opt for local pickup only to reduce buyer costs.

Before setting shipping costs ensure that you review shipping prices of similar items so as to ensure a quick sale.


Review Listing

Listing review allows you to understand the ebay terms and conditions of sale. It also enables you to preview and/or edit the information on your listing before the given information is visible to the online buyers.

review listing


Confirm Contact Information

This step basically requires you to verify the contact number that buyers and ebay will use to contact you if need be.

confirm contact information


Choose a payment format

Ebay provides three options for payment. You can opt to receive payment for sold items via Paypal, Debt/Credit card, or a US only bank account.

 how to pay ebay


Sell your item

Once payment verification is complete the item listing will be made public. Interested buyers can contact you with bids and additional information requests preceding the sale transaction.