Killer Tips On How To Make Money On eBay

Making some extra cash has never been an easy task let alone starting up a new career opportunity, but with eBay I bet the answer that you have been looking for can’t get much closer than this. There are plenty of ways on how to benefit greatly from eBay, make money by becoming a part of the eBay community, sell your own products or import merchandise and sell on for a profit. To achieve your goals however you have to be dedicated, committed, and hard working. Read on, enjoy and importantly learn how to make money through eBay.

1. Start by creating an eBay account

If you do not already have an account on eBay then this is your chance to create one. Go online and open account with eBay; it’s easy and free to open an account. Once you are an account holder with eBay, you can easily log in to your eBay account and keep track of all the auctions, view  bids and receive and send emails. Before choosing your eBay name, put some thought into it. Choose a memorable and easy to type name, not an overly obscure one, ours is auctioncog for example – simple and easy.
Create a personal account here: 

make money on ebay now

Or to start a business profile here (this allows you to list more but there are fees):

ebay business sign up page

2. Know Your Target Market

Sign up to Terrapeak – this will allow you to see what is selling on eBay, for what price and its sell through rate.

Before making a move on eBay ensure that you know your target market, with this concept on your mind you will be capable of estimating and determining the number of the sales that you would make. Besides that, you will definitely know where and when to capture your target market. For instance, if your target market students then you should advertise on sites which are mostly visited by the students. This move is worth investing in to give your auctions extra visibility. With this you will also be able to establish a communication rapport with the market that you are targeting.

3. Know Your Products

As an eBay seller, you must ensure that you understand your product in detail, this means that you know all its strengths and weaknesses. With this information you will be able to sell the product and if need arises you will also be able to defend all of its weakness well. If you know your product, you will be able to advertise in to detail on the eBay by doing so you will get quite a large number of target markets more than the usual. Again using Terrapeak will allow you to do this effectively.

4. Know Your Competitors

By familiarizing yourself with all the competitors, you will definitely assess your personal capability and see if you meet the standards of your product. A competition can be viewed a mere foe or a friend, but this solely depend on the reasoning of the seller. It may be considered as a foe if you are on each other’s necks when it comes to product sales. You can consider it to be friendship if you are only checking out their latest wares so that you will be always updated and not left behind.

5. Ensure That Your Presentation is Nothing Short of Amazing

Presentation is the ultimate name of the game. Ensure that your product images are of high quality, this way you will be able to impress all of your buyers, the image sell the product when you can’t touch and see the product offline. Ensure that the impression that you make is a lasting impression, you do not want the clients to complain once they receive their product, so ensure your images accurately represent the product they’re buying. Good feedback and product presentation is always  key to success on eBay.

6. Buy Collections

One of the simplest ways of making money on eBay is to cash in from lazy listers. Find sellers who are selling items in bulk. The best move is to list all of them and sale them separately. But it will interest you to note how many sellers are not bothering to do this. Try selling each item separately and see how much you will make.

7. Post the Picture of the Item You Are Selling

To get the best from eBay ensure that all the items that you are selling have their picture posted above their descriptions. Study show that items listed without seller pictures (or stock photos) records a lower sale of about 20% compared to items with pictures which have indicated sales of up to 78%.

8. Ensure that your items are properly listed

There are quite a lot of reasons why most items on eBay attract clients while other never seems to see the light of the day. If you give your items a bad title, wrong category, poor spelling and poor description and so on then be ready to make no sales. For you to get the best, ensure that you have selected the category that you want and then look for the search feature. Here you will find all the bargains that have not attracted any bids because of the above mentioned components.

9. Consider other online auctions

eBay has one of the largest number of all online registered sellers and buyers. This is the main reason why eBay records the best sales on online. So ensure that you search around for other small online auctions which sells at lower prices. This will give you an upper hand, first you will buy at a lower price then go back to eBay and enjoy their higher sales but in order to achieve this ensure that you relist the well on eBay.
Whether you are just a beginner or a pro in this line of business, the above tips will come in handy when you want to enhance your skills on eBay or if you want to cash in more than what you have been achieving. Pay close attention to all of the tips and see how your income increases in a short period of time.